Bashing the Political Conventions with Ernie Hancock on FreedomsPhoenix Radio

Ernie Hancock and I had fun whupping up on the Democratic and Republican National Conventions on his FreedomsPhoenix / Liberty Radio Network radio show this morning. I was hoping that Ernie could explain how Trump and Hillary have redeemed the American political system but no suck luck. In the final third of the 54 minute interview, Ernie offered his insights into the Libertarian Party Johnson/Weld ticket.

It is always refreshing to talk with Ernie because he has one of the best BS radars in the business. He recognizes that voting will not solve our problems or save our liberties. Instead, that hinges on the hard work and courage of principled individuals.

Click below to listen to the MP3:

Or here’s a video version with various photos from my sordid past:


I rounded up my tweets on the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speeches here and here – maybe good for a laugh or two.



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