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Carping on the Presidential Campaign

Any politician who championed NSA spying on Americans should be forever prohibited from invoking 4th Amendment in defense @HillaryClinton — James Bovard (@JimBovard) October 30, 2016 Obama claims that he's avoided "meddling" in FBI & @HillaryClinton but he twice proclaimed her innocent before FBI investigation finished — James Bovard (@JimBovard) November 2, 2016 Biggest Shock […]

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Wash. Times: 20 Years of Dictatorial Democracy?

Washington Times, November 3, 2016 TWENTY YEARS OF DICTATORIAL DEMOCRACY? by James Bovard The 2016 election campaign is mortifying millions of Americans in part because the presidency has become far more dangerous in recent times. Since 9/11, we have lived in a perpetual emergency which supposedly justifies routinely ignoring the law and Constitution. And both […]

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Hillary Clinton Summons Vagina Voters to the Barricades

Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet today with this photo and the following message: “One week to Election Day. RT this if it describes you.” More than 3000 people have re-tweeted it thus far.   I hope that most of the re-tweeters did not look as airy as Hillary does in this photo that her campaign […]

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