Raising Hell with Ernie Hancock on Liberty Radio Network

FreedomsPhoenix mastermind Ernie Hancock and I had a rollicking time reviewing Trump’s record this morn.  It is always fun to go on Ernie’s show on Liberty Radio Network – especially when my moderate tendencies need scourging.  Ernie and I agreed on the outrageous missile strike on Syria (I said the U.S. government was acting like an international lynch mob) and on the indecent suggestions to prosecute Julian Assange.  Ernie suspects I have been corrupted by living in the D.C. area. He never lets me forget that, when he stayed at a nearby hotel in 2008, he could see the top of the Washington Monument from the hotel’s top floor. I assured him that I can’t see the monument from my house and that the hotel never lets me go to that top floor.

You can listen to the show by downloading or clicking the links below-


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