Archive | July 10, 2017


USA Today: Moral High Ground Not Won on Battlefield (2002)

FYI – reposted for folks who believe that the Bush administration had the moral high ground on its attack on Iraq.  Same arguments continue to apply to advocates who want the United States to continue intervening in Syria, Afghanistan, etc. in the name of liberty… USA TODAY,  October 8, 2002. Moral high ground not won […]

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Congress as Circus?

I was tromping on the Mall last evening and this poster simply begged to be photographed. Bummed that I could not find a clown poster leftover from the Smithsonian Folklife Festival to juxtapose with the U.S. Capitol Dome. H/t to hike leader John Mercer. As I was hoofing across town to the hike starting point, […]

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