Waco Atrocity & Coverup Riff from Mises Institute Conference

My old friend Bill Anderson kindly asked me about the Waco coverup during the question-and-answer portion of my spiel at last week’s Mises Institute conference. Here’s my response: The feds got away with covering up the worst parts of that atrocity – or at least with delaying the damning evidence so long that the political damage was minimized. Same thing happened with Obama’s coverup of the torture scandal. I worked in a hat-tip to the heroic John Kiriakou, the CIA official who blew the whistle on torture – and who was sent to prison by Obama and Eric Holder’s Justice Department (the only CIA official to serve time in the torture scandal).

I scrunched this video down slightly to get it to fit on the blog; a higher quality version is available here at about one hour into the taping.


Here’s a screenshot of my lament about coverups –


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2 Responses to Waco Atrocity & Coverup Riff from Mises Institute Conference

  1. Kevin Dowd March 30, 2018 at 5:40 pm #

    I had the great good fortune to be there at the MI conference to hear Jim Bovard in person. His presentation was simply brilliant … I am still laughing over some of his bad jokes.

    Do also look at the Q&A where Jim talked about the atrocity of US sponsored torture in response to a Q asking about the worst scandal he had ever covered.

    Its a real shame we don’t have anyone like him over here in the UK.

    Keep up the good work Jim!

  2. Jim March 30, 2018 at 11:48 pm #

    Thanks very much!

    Kevin Dowd, one of the most effective leaders of the Brexit campaign, gave a great speech at the Mises Institute conference – you can see it here –


    Kevin delivered one of the best floggings of mainstream macroeconomics I have ever heard.

    I am looking forward to his pending bombshell….

    (hope the email I sent made it past the spamcatcher at Durham)