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My Take on the Senate Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination Hearing

The biggest lesson from the #KavanaughHearings is that Americans are fools if they passively rely on the Supreme Court or Senate to protect their liberties — James Bovard (@JimBovard) September 28, 2018 Posthumous winner from the Kavanaugh Supreme Court frenzy – Historian Henry Adams, who long ago labeled politics “the systematic organization of hatreds” — […]

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Supreme Court: The Dog That Didn’t Bark

Mises Institute, September 26, 2018 The Supreme Court: The Dog that Didn’t Bark by James Bovard The furor over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is spurring many commentators to bewail that the Supreme Court has become too powerful. But the real problem is that the Court is now often little more than a fig leaf […]

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Podcast: Obama’s Forgotten Constitutional Depredations

Barack Obama is rapidly ascending to sainthood as people forget the sordid details of his abuses of power. Here’s a podcast to revive his record, produced for the Future of Freedom Foundation. Thanks again to Bart Frazier for cleaning up the video & posting it. “Bureaucratic bulldozing? Groping TSA agents? Federal secrecy and aggressive prosecution […]

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New York Times: The ‘Of Course’ Curse (1983)

Thirty-five years ago, the New York Times published this satirical piece inspired by editors who stuck lame-assed nitwit phrases into my articles.  Happily, I have had no reason to complain about editors since then.  Admittedly, it is difficult to find editors who will tolerate “bedamned” in articles these days. The article was accepted by Robert […]

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Wolves and Sheep in New York Times

From heresy to conventional wisdom? Excellent New York Times series of articles on crisis of democracy leads with my quote: “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” Headline for the lead NYT essay by Serge Schmemann: “Are the Wolves Devouring Democracy?” Hard-nosed realism on […]

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I Should be “Rapped and Killed” – Obama Devotees Condemn USA Today Oped

I am chagrined that not everyone liked  yesterday’s USA Today oped, “Obama Fueled the Distrust that Led to Donald Trump.” I expected the piece to spur thoughtful exchanges by folks with different perspectives. Alas, my hopes for a rebirth of civility have been mercilessly crushed. Here’s some responses generated via Twitter, email, and elsewhere online.  […]

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