Podcast: My East German Interrogation Comedy Show

OK, so I screwed up in one of my illegal jaunts behind the Iron Curtain.    But at least there’s a funny story about how I was able to eventually bluster my way out of a long interrogation at the Czechoslovakian – East German border in the Erzgebirge mountains.  This broadcast includes my novel pronunciation of German as well as my unique translation of  Ach Du Liebe Himmel as “holy shit.”

My latest podcast from the Future of Freedom Foundation

Here’s a link to the audio-only version of this podcast

Here’s a link to the New York Times article on the East Bloc’s environmental collapse I wrote a few weeks after returning to the U.S. –




Just a country boy on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall….

For more details and less profanity on this adventure, check out Public Policy Hooligan


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