My 2 ¢ on George H.W. Bush’s Funeral and Career

I saw George H.W. Bush give a speech in southern Illinois in early 1980 when he was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. His spiel was the usual campaign stump speech, with nothing memorable. However, after the speech, a young student at Southern Illinois University politely asked him about his role in the Trilateral Commission. Bush became unglued, shouting angrily about how people were always hassling him about that connection. Maybe Bush was just having a bad day but I was stunned by his reaction. Reagan thrashed him in the Illinois primary, carrying conservative-leaning areas in southern Illinois by huge margins.  Bush’s Establishment style utterly failed to resonate in that part of the state.

I have been vigorously criticizing George H.W. Bush’s policies & career for decades. Here’s a 1991 C-SPAN interview where I flogged his nitwit trade policies:


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