MP3 – Bombing Serbia BS on the Scott Horton Show

Forgotten lies almost guarantee new political treachery. 20 years ago, President Bill Clinton commenced bombing Serbia and killing hundreds of Serb women & children in the name of human rights, justice, and ethnic tolerance. My old friend Scott Horton and I gave a hearty flogging to that BS on his show, pegged to my FFF article. Scott had vivid memories of his time as a cab driver in Austin, talking to drunks and bartenders who perfectly understood that the war on Iraq was a sham from the start.

Here’s a link to the MP3 at the Libertarian Institute.

Discussed on the show:


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2 Responses to MP3 – Bombing Serbia BS on the Scott Horton Show

  1. Ina Zec August 21, 2019 at 4:51 pm #

    Have you heard about Srebrenica? About hundred of thousand Bosnians killed during the war, that Serbs wanted to present to the world as “civil war”, but it was well orchestrated grab war by Slobodan Milosevic (Hitler of our time) who wanted to create Greater Serbia.. You don’t mention hundred of thousand innocent victims that were killed, but you mention civilian killed by Clinton bombing and stopping that carnage that Milosevich did. Sure that civilians were not targeted, but in the war you can not pick your targets 100%. There are always civilian victims. Same was in II WW, but we are thankful to allies that they came, bombarded and stop Hitler’s carnage.
    That’s why most of Serbian generals were brought to the International Court for War Crimes. those were crimes and they were put in jail for that. No mention abouot that in your article.
    But clinton is a villain because he stopped Milosevich. That is history upside down. Please look at the Haag witnesses declarations, and look into court documents.

    • Jim August 21, 2019 at 4:57 pm #

      According to my map, Srebrenica is not in Kosovo.