Podcast: Richard Jewell & the Mirage of FBI Competence – Libertarian Institute & Free Man Beyond the Wall

Here’s a zesty 32 minute podcast from last week. The Libertarian Institute’s summary: “Pete Quinones invited Jim Bovard to return to the show. James is the author of 10 books mostly detailing waste, failures, corruption, cronyism and abuses of power in government. Jim recently wrote and article for Daily Caller entitled, “Richard Jewell, Carter Page and the Illusion of the FBI’s Power and Competence.”

Jim talks about the recent IG report, goes over the history of the 1996 bombing at the Olympics in Atlanta and addresses the recent news that Virginia may call up the National Guard to confront local sheriffs who will not comply will recently passed gun control laws.”

You can listen to or download the show by clicking below.  Pete is a savvy podcaster and the show is available as an Apple podcast at his link:


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