MP3: Why Did Police Kill Duncan Lemp? on iHeart Radio

Duncan Lemp, 2019

WVHU Host Tom Roten

Tom Roten, the morning host on iHeart radio station WVHU and other stations, had me on his program today to discuss the Duncan Lemp killing and coverup. Tom had great questions about why a Montgomery County SWAT teame attacked the Lemp home at 4:30 a.m. on March 12 despite no evidence that Duncan Lemp posed an imminent threat to anyone.  Even though Tom said I was a “dinosaur,” I still enjoyed his comments on contemporary journalism.

Tom Roten doesn’t kowtow to the government. His Twitter banner proclaims a motto: “Hold Their Feet to the Fire.”  Here’s a collection of podcasts of his hardline interviews.

I have written three stories on the Lemp killing thus far, including Duncan Lemp’s Parents Threatened with Jail for Protesting his Killing, The Mystery Deepens Over the Pre-Dawn Police Killing of Duncan Lemp, and Did Maryland Police Shoot and Kill a Sleeping Man?  More to follow.


You can listen or download the show by clicking below:






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