Archive | July 19, 2020


Hike Photos from a Hotter Than Hell D.C. Jaunt

I led a hike yesterday starting in upper D.C. and hooking through Georgetown and returning along the C & O Canal.  It was hotter than I druthered (heat index reached 107 today, it was almost as hot yesterday). None of the hikers died of heat stroke so all’s well that ends well.

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The Decline of Knockdown Journalism

Somebody was asking about this piece recently so I’m sending it for another lap around the track (or at least the blog).  An editing error in the posted version stated that Hersh won the Pulitzer for his 1972 New Yorker article on the My Lai massacre.  My original submission correctly stated that Hersh won the […]

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Government as Slave Owner (2000)

Google notified that my article from 20 years ago was recently reposted so I will run it up the flagpole here as well.   That piece was partially spun off from my 1999 book, Freedom in Chains (St. Martin’s Press.  Here is a paragraph from that book that did not make it into the article below: […]

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