MP3 Bashing Covid Craziness on Salem National Radio Network

Fox Business host Scott Shellady and I had fun yesterday thrashing crazy Covid restrictions and power-mad politicians and bureaucrats who are pointlessly wrecking American freedom.  Scott was guest-hosting on the Dan Proft show on Salem Radio Network.   Here’s a link to the AIER article – “Covid Craziness in LoCo Moco” that spurred the interview.

Here is a link to other articles I have written on Covid this year, including the San Francisco Health Department “Quicker is Better” Covid sex advisory mentioned in yesterday’s interview.

You can listen to or download the 19 minute interview by clicking below.


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One Response to MP3 Bashing Covid Craziness on Salem National Radio Network

  1. A. T. December 11, 2020 at 1:26 pm #

    Great interview.

    This article will further strenthen your suspicions of the covid scam. Read metro voice news letters to the editor bill gates and vaccines.

    Covid tester is a fake owned by bill gates patented in 1999. Alere inc owned it was called point of care, gave false positives. Bill gates bought it for 43 million on 2013 while Alere inc in lawsuit for false positives. Look up angela wu whistle blower employed at Alere inc in San Diego.

    HHS involved knew tester was fake.. Dr. Anthony Fauci , Dr. Birx used it in Africa for HIV and malaria testing with obama funding
    Gates knows its fake set up scam with john hopkins pandemic scenario team.

    Google bohemian grove and bill gates from 1997. Picture of bill gates with corona virus on his head. This was planned for years. Fake tv doctors pushing vaccines allegedly paid to do harm to Americans.

    Also chemtrails daily are actually military drones spraying cities nationwide With covid from above. Several million people have documented this. After noticing this daily adter reports of covid upticks. Bill gates and abbott hierarchy are in business, bill gates bought 19 million shares of abbott stock 2017 then got abbott to buy Alere inc to cover scheme.

    The point of care tester renamed id now by abbott labs. Rolled out for covid 19. Its the same faulty junk tester from 1999. No patents found for id now .

    It’s all a scam to vaccinate all and shut down schools businesses, churches and life.
    Thank you for your great radio show.