“Democracy 2021” Sold at D.C. Art Show

My photograph, “Democracy 2021,” sold at the Glen Echo Labor Day Art Show this weekend.

Here are some of the articles I have written on the January 6 Capitol clash:

Collective Guilt and the New Witch Hunt (AIER, 1/16/21)

In a Paranoid Nation, “Treason” Is Everywhere (Mises, 1/26/21)

How Treason And Thoughtcrime Are Easier Than Ever In Biden’s America (Daily Caller, 1/29/21)

Troop Deployments in Washington Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen (Mises, 2/10/21)

Sovereignty Still Rests with the People, Not Congress (AIER, 2/12/21)

Why Nancy Pelosi’s 9/11 Commission For Capitol Riot Is A Terrible Idea (Daily Caller, 2/17/21)

The Biggest Lies of the Impeachment Saga (Mises, 2/20/21)

Terrorist Crackdowns Won’t Keep Us Safe (American Conservative, 3/07/21)

Will FBI ‘Chats’ Send Conservatives to Prison? (American Conservative, 3/13/21)

The Bogus January 6 Commission Poses a Real Threat to Freedom (Mises, 5/25/21)

Biden’s Buffoonish War on Extremism (American Conservative, 6/17/21)

The Coming ‘January 6’ Train Wreck (American Conservative, 7/22/21)


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