Archive | January 19, 2023

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 08-33-04 Something Completely Different With Brian Wilson on Apple Podcasts

Brian Wilson Podcast on the Epigrams of 2022

Talk Show Legend Brian Wilson and I had fun bantering about the latest political debacles.  Brian kindly recapped his favorite lines from the Brownstone Institute roundup of my 2022 epigrams. Commenting on Biden’s impromptu verbal blunders, I said,  “The thing that would be fun is if there was a way to monitor the blood pressures […]

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New York Post: Davos Summit Clear and Present Danger to Freedom

New York Post, January 19, 2023 Elite ‘extraterrestrials’ plot in Davos to take away your freedom By James Bovard If you expect billionaires and political weasels to save the Earth, then you’ll love the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. The Swiss government assigned up to 5,000 Swiss troops to protect its attendees — except […]

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