N.Y. Post: Merrick Garland’s latest dirty trick to protect the Bidens

New York Post, August 12, 2023

Merrick Garland’s latest dirty trick to protect the Bidens

Attorney General Merrick Garland may have just played his last trick card to save Joe Biden: appointing a special counsel to delay prosecution of his son Hunter. With any luck, the official Justice Department final report on Biden family shenanigans will be released in December 2024, one month after the presidential election.

Perpetuating an investigation is the most respectable Washington cover-up scam. Federal agencies and the Justice Department dragged out for five years the investigation of Hunter’s gun, tax and foreign influence peddling. The statute of limitations already expired on several of his crimes, but that was OK because of the spelling of his last name.

Despite a string of crimes that would have sent average Americans up the river for a decade, Biden’s Justice Department cut a deal in June that permitted Hunter to plead guilty to misdemeanors, not serve a day in jail and dodge any other federal charges. That deal collapsed when federal Judge Maryellen Noreika asked a few questions after she was blindsided by a last-minute sweeping exoneration paragraph added to the plea deal.

With no deal, Hunter Biden faced a federal trial.

But Garland came to Hunter’s rescue Friday by appointing David Weiss special counsel. For Joe Biden, Weiss is absolutely trustworthy: He’s the same lawyer who dragged out prosecuting Hunter for years. Former White House correspondent Emerald Robinson quipped, “Appointing David Weiss is like appointing a crack pipe to ‘investigate’ Hunter Biden.” According to The Federalist’s Sean Davis, “Weiss demonstrated his loyalty to the Biden family by shutting down investigations, tipping off suspects before searches . . . refusing to interview Hunter, hiding FBI documents, firing IRS investigators . . .”

Weiss, who carved the “favored son” plea deal, was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next month.

Now that he is special counsel, the Biden administration can scoff at congressional demands for testimony and evidence because of an “ongoing investigation.”

Back on June 7, Weiss asserted that he had “ultimate authority” to prosecute Hunter Biden with no restraints.

His appointment as special counsel blows that claim to smithereens.

Is there any reason to expect Weiss to be more honest in the future?

Justice Department regulations require that special counsels be selected from “outside the United States Government.”

Weiss is still a Justice Department employee, and his boss is Merrick Garland, whose boss is Joe Biden. But since he has a new job title, that apparently makes him “independent.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” according to an archaic maxim still quoted by crotchety editorial writers.

But for Team Biden, “Truth delayed is truth defused” is the name of the game.

Per journalist Paul Sperry, “The statute of limitations for the Hunter Biden gun felony runs out on Oct. 12.” Pity. The clock is running out on plenty of other potential offenses.

Coverups have been a key to Biden’s political power for more than three years, going back to his 2020 peek-a-boo basement presidential campaign.

At the same time the investigation of Hunter Biden is likely stalled again, the Justice Department is proceeding at warp speed in prosecuting President Biden’s most likely opponent in next year’s presidential election. Regardless of whether one supports Donald Trump, the contrast in the Justice Department’s treatment looks smarmier than Nixon at his worst.

It looks like “the fix is in” for burying Biden family crimes until after the next election — and until Biden could issue a pardon for his son and pay no political price.

But plenty of problems could turn the latest switcheroo into a mushroom cloud. The sweetheart plea deal was derailed in part because of courageous IRS whistleblowers who exposed the rotten core of the federal investigation of Hunter Biden. Appointing Weiss special counsel is enraging Americans across the political spectrum and could push more disgruntled FBI agents or other feds over the edge to spill the beans. FBI whistleblowers have already obliterated Biden administration storylines on school-board protests, Jan. 6 and domestic terrorism.

Team Biden is teaching Americans that “Justice Department” is often an oxymoron. Who could trust the federal government to police itself after the Biden administration?


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