Haley, Hell, and Humor on the Brian Wilson Podcast

This episode: Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard in a tour day force! Haley, Hell, SCOTUS, TSA, Piety, Ted Cruz, Biden PLUS Your Winning Powerball Numbers!
Covid vaccine and mask mandates took a drubbing as I recapped my experience in that overpriced D.C. coffee joint that treated customers worse than convicts on parole.
Bantering about the National Prayer Breakfast,  Brian recounted playing the song, “With God On Our Side” by the Chad Mitchell Trio when he was a talk show host at LSU.  Piety continues its pull in politics.

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  1. Brian Wilson February 10, 2024 at 4:04 pm #

    Ahhh! The Two and Only! Your free weekly on-line course “Finding Humor in Current Events”, knee-slapping comedy you can’t find outside a Joe Biden Hissy Fit & Press Conference. Join us! Find out what the “elderly man with a poor memory” and a bad temper has done this time!

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