Biden and Forgotten Financial Crimes (Audio)

The Mises Institute posted online an audio version of my recent piece on Biden and Forgotten Financial Crimes.  Thanks to Millian Quinteros for deftly rendering my prose into a vivid narrative.

Here is the link  to the audio version.


Here’s the start of the article:

Biden and Forgotten Federal Financial Tyranny – James Bovard


Mises Institute, January 25, 2024

Biden and Forgotten Federal Financial Tyranny

by James Bovard

Americans were jolted last week to learn that the Joe Biden administration viewed purchasing a Bible as a potential terrorist warning sign. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, revealed that the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network stretched its “suspicious behavior” definition to include purchasing a Bass Pro Shop hat, as well as items sold by Cabella’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you’ve bought a gun or ammo since 2021, Team Biden bureaucrats may have automatically classified you as a “potential active shooter.” Or maybe your plane ticket purchases triggered the latest “lone actor/homegrown violent extremism” indicators.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of Washington precedents for this type of idiocy. The vast array of federal levers enable politicians to squeeze any target they choose. The sheer power of covert federal financial dictates was revealed by one of the most corrupt schemes of the Barack Obama administration.


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