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Biden and Forgotten Financial Crimes (Audio)

The Mises Institute posted online an audio version of my recent piece on Biden and Forgotten Financial Crimes.  Thanks to Millian Quinteros for deftly rendering my prose into a vivid narrative. Here is the link  to the audio version.   Here’s the start of the article: Biden and Forgotten Federal Financial Tyranny – James Bovard […]

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Will TSA Steal Your Mug?

Will TSA Steal Your Mug? by James Bovard January 22, 2024 Dorothy Parker’s signature line, “What fresh hell is this?” is the new the mantra for travelers at American airports. TSA is rapidly expanding a program in which travelers stand in photo kiosks that compare their faces with a federal database of photos from passport […]

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Govt. Offers Bizarre Covid Sex Advice in lieu of Thanksgiving

also reposted by ZERO HEDGE at this link Libertarian Institute, November 26, 2020 This Thanksgiving, the Government Gifts Us COVID-19 Sex Advice by Jim Bovard | Politicians and petty czars have canceled Thanksgiving across the nation.  What have government health departments offered in lieu of a family gathering? Endless idiotic advice for “safe sex” during […]

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Idiot Policies Funnier in Portuguese?

Mises Brasil   [thanks for translating! Original English version is here; my 1987 Wall Street Journal oped is here] Alguns fatos cômicos (e patéticos) sobre o comércio internacional dentro do bloco soviético by James Bovard, November 12, 2019 Quando não estão matando, socialistas são uma comédia de erros Uma das maiores contribuições de Ludwig von […]

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USA Today: TSA’s Latest Looney Surveillance Program

USA Today, July 31, 2018 Have you gained or lost weight? Congrats, TSA is now tracking you for suspicious activity. by James Bovard, Opinion columnist Excessive yawning, strong body odor — these are two ways you could become a target in TSA’s new secret program, which treats ordinary people like terrorists. If you fall asleep or […]

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USA Today: My Too Intimate Encounter with TSA

[for videos of my TSA encounter in Portland, see this blog entry- http://jimbovard.com/blog/2016/03/21/tsa-videos-foia-response-portland-thanksgiving-poking/ USA TODAY  March 21, 2006 My too intimate relations with the TSA: James Bovard  Airport security or Gitmo? Transportation security requires competence not sexual assault. The Transportation Security Administration finally obeyed a 2011 federal court order March 3 and issued a 157 […]

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