Did Facebook Ban my Book Title?

I cross-posted yesterday’s blog on the FFF podcast on Last Rights on Facebook.

I learned late last night that I had sinned. Facebook decreed that my post violated “community standards” and removed it. YouTube had no trouble with the FFF post. But Facebook has a different “sniff test,” apparently.

I have had trouble with Facebook before, detailed in this 2017 USA Today piece. “Facebook censored me. Criticize your government and it might censor you too.”  I had reposted from my blog a widely circulated photo of the Branch Davidian home in Waco in flames in 1993 after the FBI tank assault.  After I published their boneheaded ban, Facebook backed down.

Here was the notice of removal I received yesterday:

++ What the heck? How could it be spam if it was clearly labeled and including a video and link from a reputable organization – well, at least reputable to libertarians, anarchists, and hooligans.

It gets better. Facebook notified me that I could appeal their ruling. Fine – I can explain their blunder in three sentences. No such option. Instead, they offered a series of pages where I could check a box that looked like it was designed for kindergarten.  “It’s not offensive in my region” – ya, that’s a great option to sway the Facebook Content Moderation Police in Manila. Has Facebook gone full Idiocracy?


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