Talking Last Rights on the FFF Podcast

I joined Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling for a rowdy exchange about Last Rights and political crimes on the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s Libertarian Alternative podcast.  I much appreciated Jacob’s endorsement of my new book: “I highly recommend Last Rights, another fantastic book by Jim Bovard.”

Here are some outtakes from the interview:

“It might be helpful if Libertarians understood the government policies they opposed. Or does announcing that you ‘hate the State’ fulfill your entire intellectual obligation to humanity?”

Hornberger: “Tell us how you first started thinking that you could make a living as a writer.”

Me: “I’ve always been been handicapped by modesty.”

Hornberger: “What progress have you made exactly over the last 30 years in bringing a free Society to the United States?”

Me: “I’ve sold some books.”

Screenshot from the interview:


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