Holy Sheetz on the Brian Wilson Podcast

From the Brian Wilson Writes Substack: “Just what you’ve come to expect! The Two and Only, Brian Wilson and James Bovard return for more unadulterated, free-range verbal gobsmacking of those who need it most. You must be THIS TALL to listen.”

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Brian announced that there were “only 195 days of campus rioting until the election.”  Brian identified himself for listeners as just back  “from another rejection by the Radio Hall of Fame, nominating committee, the former co-captain of the LSU anti-Vietnam War protests and panty raids.”

We had fun saluting the newest member of my Twitter Fan Club, a dude who howled today: “Jim Bovard is hardcore paranoid libertarian who doesn’t believe government should have any role in tracking domestic terrorists since it’s a violation of civil rights.”

Some folks just don’t appreciate my moderate tendencies.

I mentioned: “There is vastly more visceral hostility towards libertarians than there was at the end of the Clinton administration back in 2000.” That is a bit mystifying since libertarians have not have much influence on federal policies lately.

We smacked around the EEOC and its Sheetz lawsuit, which I wrote about yesterday for the New York Post.  Brian said that “social justice was just another name for a new set of brass knuckles.”

EEOC does cartwheels to prevent ex-convicts from getting rejects at hiring time. I mentioned that when the Texas Attorney General fought EEOC in federal court, Texas  pointed out was that under the EEOC’s rules, “if somebody was running a nursery, they could not automatically disqualify a job applicant who had been convicted of indecent exposure.”

According to the Biden administration, “there are no ex-convicts or felons, only justice-involved individuals,” I commented.

As an added bonus, we kicked around the National Council of Teachers of English for leading the crusade to toss books and other written documents onto the junk heap of educational history.


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