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My 2003 Oped on Patriot Act Lies – Baltimore Sun

Senators are brawling over the renewal of the Patriot Act. Few folks recognize how the feds have been brazenly lying about the Patriot Act ever since it was enacted. Here’s an oped I did a dozen years ago pointing out a few of the Justice Department’s frauds. Baltimore Sun, August 18, 2003 America fights for […]

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Patriot Act: Tenth Anniversary of a Swindle

This is the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Patriot Act. Geez, I didn’t think that this scam would survive this long. But it has served the government well, so there have never been a shortage of apologists for this surveillance regime. After a certain number of years, even the most brazen frauds become […]

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Latest Patriot Act Frauds and Follies

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted online today the following piece from the May issue of Freedom Daily – The PATRIOT Act in the Crosshairs Again by James Bovard The most controversial provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act are coming up for renewal this year. There is hope that Americans will finally learn more about […]

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Dilbert Solves the Patriot Act Mystery?

We learned in the last few weeks that a secret ruling exists which permits the federal agencies to violate far more Americans’ rights under a twisted interpretation of the Patriot Act. Are the feds using smart phones to track millions of Americans?

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Three Cheers for Rand Paul on the Patriot Act

Sen. Rand Paul is doing heroic work on the Patriot Act. The fact that tomorrow’s New York Times has an article fretting that the FBI might have a perilous temporary loss of surveillance powers shows how desperate the establishment has become. Paul has done a superb job thus far of slowing the bipartisan juggernaut to […]

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