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Funny Comments on WSJ “Rotten Tomatoes” Article

The Wall Street Journal piece on USDA’s billion dollar bonanza for “discrimination” victims is generating funny comments on the WSJ website. Here’s a sample: Diane Eicher: “Veggies. I would have planted more but ran out of pots. A loan would have increased the output. Where’s the money?” Chris Henry: “I’m pretty sure my wife sold […]

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My WSJ piece – USDA Bizarre Billion $ Bias Payoff

WALL STREET JOURNAL March 21, 2013 Rotten Tomatoes for a Billion-Dollar Farm Payout Calling all women and Hispanics who once thought about applying for a loan. By JAMES BOVARD Are you a woman or a Hispanic who planted a backyard garden between 1981 and 2000? Did you ever dream of asking for a loan for […]

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