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New York Post: Biden Pitches Failed Economic Vision

New York Post, October 28, 2022 Biden pitches failed economic vision in Syracuse By James Bovard President Biden and Gov. Hochul strutted Thursday at a celebration for a future Micron semiconductor plant outside of Syracuse. The groundbreaking for the factory won’t happen until 2024, but Democrats needed something, anything, to pretend they care about the […]

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Inside the World Bank (1989)

Inside the World Bank What they’re doing with your money is a crime James Bovard | From the April 1989 issue of Reason magazine [excerpted by Reader’s Digest] Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on RedditShare by emailPrint friendly versionCopy page URL Last year Congress voted a $14-billion increase in World Bank funding from the United […]

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Thumping Biden’s Inflation on Chicago Radio with Dan Proft

I was on the Chicago Morning Answer AM560 Radio Show this morn with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson, smacking around Biden’s inflation.   You can hear the brief interview here (starts at 7 minutes in) .  You can hear the show by clicking here – https://rumble.com/v199d67-usa-todays-james-bovard-debunks-10-of-joe-bidens-lies-about-the-state-of-th.html My verdict: Team Biden offers piety in lieu of energy. […]

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Lampooning Amtrak in the 1980s

Amtrak trended on Twitter yesterday as Team Biden hypes the president’s devotion to taking the train – thus proving that soaring gas prices should not bother patriotic Americans. After a bumbling train trip from New York to Washington, I wrote the following smackdown for the Detroit News and a few other publications. (New York City […]

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On C-SPAN Washington Journal Monday 9:30 a.m. January 31

UPDATE: Interview didn’t occur due to a Zoom snafu.  Resched for next week, details to follow.   I will be on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal tomorrow morning at 9:30 EST to discuss the Covid testing debacle, spurred by the USA Today piece on Friday. Program will be 30 minutes with callers-in. Here’s a link to the […]

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Biden’s “America the Beautiful” Vision Ignores Feds’ Dreadful Record

American Institute for Economic Research, May 10, 2011 Biden’s “America the Beautiful” Vision Ignores Feds’ Dreadful Record by James Bovard Will Biden’s “America the Beautiful” program save America’s environment? On January 27, President Joe Biden issued an executive order proclaiming “the goal of conserving at least 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030.” […]

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Biden’s “Burn-Rate” Rescue Act

American Institute for Economic Research, March 17, 2021 Biden’s “Burn-Rate” Rescue Act James Bovard In the Biden era, federal competence has been defined down to mailing government checks to people who didn’t earn them to buy votes for politicians who don’t deserve them. A Washington Post headline whooped that Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act “showers […]

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