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toles05012014 warmongering

Washington Post: Warmongering Doesn’t Pay

It is regrettable that the Washington Post’s editorials on foreign policy are rarely as profound as its editorial cartoons. Someone could easily compile a list of Washington Post editorials and guest articles by bellicose nitwits urging U.S. preemptive strikes for each venue that Tom Toles lists in this ‘toon. *** On Twitter @jimbovard

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tsa suspicious behavior daily-cartoon-140417

Why TSA Screeners Hate Me: Mystery Solved

I have always wondered why TSA screeners seem to target me (especially after I cuss ’em a bit).  Now I realize that I have to buy new luggage to allay Official Fears.  OK, maybe I could also try to stop radiating sedition. But that is practically the only redeeming fun when flying nowadays. Admittedly, I have had […]

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hobby lobby toles3-27

Hobby Lobby: Self-Respecting Rednecks Pay for Own Condoms

As a self-respecting redneck, I’ve always insisted on paying for my own condoms. I am continually amazed at how the ObamaCare compulsory contraception coverage mandate is being portrayed. The Washington Post’s Tom Toles does some great cartoons.  But I suspect many Post subscribers instinctively equate a lack of subsidized contraception with human sacrifice.  

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Blogging Not a Survival Skill???

I’m a big fan of Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitor cartoon but this one has me completely mystified. I just assumed that everyone always wanted to hear bloggers’ keen observations.

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daily-cartoon-140116-465 voting yes regardless

Hillary Clinton’s Legacy: Democracy in Egypt

A front page Washington Post piece revealed today that Hillary Clinton is racing to finish her memoir so that she can define her legacy in time for her 2016 presidential run. Shortly after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, she promised to reform foreign aid. Egypt has gotten billions of aid in the meantime – […]

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Obama’s NSA Reform Malarkey Nailed by Ted Rall

s “From this room to that room” is about the kindest thing that can be said about Obama’s proposed spying safeguards. The “Department of Public Trust” was a nice touch by Ted Rall. Lots of excellent articles around the Internet debunking Obama’s Friday speech on NSA reform – almost too many to count, actually. I […]

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Obama Gives His Wish List to Santa

“You covered?” is the perfect question.   Obama has sovereign immunity – which is even better than government-issued health insurance. Now if there was only a way to work in a trampled Bill of Rights – or maybe a burning Statue of Liberty in the background….     But I ask too much at this time of year. […]

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