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St. Bartholomew Day’s Massacre 450 Year Anniversary

On this day in 1572, French Catholics slaughtered 30,000 Protestants in the streets of Paris. The French King and the Pope helped organize the carnage of the biggest religious massacre in Europe in the 1500s.  Roughly half the Bovards living in Paris were killed in the bloodbath. Three surviving Bovards fled past drunken guards at […]

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Happy 350th Birthday, Jonathan Swift!

Today is the 350th anniversary of the greatest English satirist, Jonathan Swift.   Folks who only know Gulliver’s Travel have missed a goldmine of glorious prose and devastating wit.  If you haven’t read “A Modest Proposal” since school days,  trust me – it is even better when not read under duress. His “Argument Against Abolishing Christianity” is […]

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