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How Dependency Destroys Democracy – Mises Institute

From the new issue of the Mises Institute  The Austrian newsletter Jan. 2016- How Government Buys Your Support by James Bovard In Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. military officers routinely handed bundles of cash to local residents to buy influence and undermine resistance to the American occupation. Such payments came in especially handy after US troops […]

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Hunger Coalition Attacks my USA Today Hunger Piece

My USA Today oped on “Washington’s Latest Hunger Charade”  is being reprinted in newspapers around the nation. It popped up in a few places in New Jersey and spurred the response below from the director of the New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition. This anti-hunger activist laments that “USDA found that some 17 million people across the […]

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My Fox Business News Interview on the Food Insecurity Charade

My interview with Fox Business News’ David Asman on USDA’s food insecurity charade. Click here to see the video at the Fox News site. Or here’s the video directly – The one certainty is that this interview spurred me to trim my beard. I still can’t understand why the makeup lady scoffed when I told her […]

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On Fox Business News Today at 12:20 pm

I am scheduled to be on the Fox Business News “Varney & Co.” show today at 12:20 P.M. Eastern.  Topic will be yesterday’s Washington Times piece on the “Food Security Hoax.” There will be a video of the interview online; I will post a link to it after the show.

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Wash. Times: The “Food Insecurity” Hoax

 Washington Times, September 10, 2014 The Food Security Hoax by James Bovard Promoting hunger scam is how federal bean counters keep their jobs According to the U.S. Agriculture Department, American households suffer far more “food insecurity” than do families in Angola, Mozambique and Pakistan. The USDA uses different standards to gauge domestic and foreign “food […]

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Wrangling and Rollicking Again on Virginia Radio Network

Libertarian talk show legend Brian Wilson is guest-hosting the  Virginia Institute for Public Policy’s weekly radio broadcast. We had a rattlin’ good time flogging federal agencies, a few presidents, and anyone else conspiring against our rights and liberties. Here is the Institute’s summary of the show: “Jim  Bovard, author of Attention Deficit  Democracy,  engages in […]

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My 1983 “Feeding Everybody” / Food Stamp Failure article

Yesterday’s Washington Times’ “Obama’s Obesity Epidemic” article is spurring some controversy.  Rush Limbaugh quoted the piece and the liberal website Media Matters attacked his statements.  Media Matters also asserted that “Bovard mislead his readers about obesity studies to craft a false narrative that food stamp use is linked to childhood obesity.” But there is far more evidence of that link that was […]

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