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Impeachment Reminder of Our Toxic Foreign Aid

Future of Freedom Foundation Impeachment Reminder of Our Toxic Foreign Aid by James Bovard June 26, 2020 Foreign aid to Ukraine helped spur the Democrats’ effort to impeach and remove President Trump earlier this year. Ukraine was supposed to be on the verge of great progress until Trump pulled the rug out from under the […]

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Happy Custer Massacre Day!

UPDATE:  Counterpunch reposted this essay on June 26 and LewRockwell.com posted it on the 28th. Reason.com’s J.D. Tuccille discussed the piece in an article on the Hit & Run blog,  and a couple folks at LewRockwell.com blog kindly gave it a plug. EconomicPolicyJournal also posted a big chunk of it.   I appreciate all the comments and the bevy […]

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