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George W. Bush as Moral Savior? Remember his Lies and Atrocities

Mises Institute, June 4, 2020 The Media Has Conveniently Forgotten George W. Bush’s Many Atrocities by James Bovard Former president George W. Bush has returned to the spotlight to give moral guidance to America in these troubled times. In a statement released on Tuesday, Bush announced that he was “anguished” by the “brutal suffocation” of […]

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Donald Trump and Abe Lincoln: Two of a Kind?

Mises Institute, July 3, 2019 Lincoln and Trump: Two of a Kind? by James Bovard President Trump has outraged legions of political opponents with his plan to give a Fourth of July speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. A Washington Post columnist frets that Trump’s speech will leave a “stain” that “won’t ever […]

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My 2007 FFF Speech Transcript: Foreign Warring vs. American Freedom

  Here is the transcript from my speech on  “How Foreign Warring Subverts Freedom at Home” from the June 2007 The Future of Freedom Foundation conference on Restoring the Republic. This has lots of remarks about the NSA scandal, torture, the suspension of habeas corpus, and other cheerful topics.   There were some excellent questions after the speech […]

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