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USA TODAY: No Deep State Deliverance for Democracy

USA TODAY, November 13, 2019 As the deep state attacks Trump to rave media reviews, don’t forget its dark side The deep state has a long history of betraying the trust of the American people. They aren’t our friends just because we share an enemy in common. by James Bovard “Thank God for the deep […]

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Democratic Deliverance Debate? Impeachment, Syria, Biden…

Ohio is the scene of tonight’s Democratic presidential candidate debate.  A hundred years in Toledo, Jack Dempsey won the heavyweight crown with a surprise knockout of giant Jess Willard.   Will the top candidates similarly get busted up tonight? Watching this debate is akin to a three hour mental root canal      https://twitter.com/JimBovard/status/1184288897276284929 + Sen […]

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A Bushel of Laughs on the Ernie Hancock Radio Show

My old friend Ernie Hancock and I had a rowdy time this morn on his Freedoms Phoenix Radio Show. Ernie kindly asked for a summary of Public Policy Hooligan and I specified that most of the book does not involve people trying to stab me. Ernie asked about the scandal in my old hometown, Front […]

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Clinton’s Forgotten Dictatorial Tendencies

… posted online today by the Future of Freedom Foundation Freedom Daily October 2010 Clinton’s Forgotten Dictatorial Tendencies by James Bovard It seems like a century since Bill Clinton was president of this country. Unfortunately, the abuses of George W. Bush and the pratfalls of Barack Obama are causing many people to raise their estimate […]

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Gonzales’s Fall, Bush’s Impeachment?

Lew Rockwell suggested yesterday that I do a piece on the Gonzales meltdown and how it could affect Bush.   Every now and then, I am not immune to good ideas, so I wrote it and he posted it on LewRockwell.com today.  I appreciate all the comments I received on the Gonzales blog entries in the […]

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Gonzo’s Final Straw?

Murray Waas, one of the best investigative journalists in DC, has a new piece on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s role in derailing a Justice Department investigation of his own possible criminality.  Waas notes at the National Journal: Shortly before Attorney General Alberto Gonzales advised President Bush last year on whether to shut down a Justice […]

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Donlan’s Courageous Barron’s Editorial on Impeachment

Tom Donlan, editorial page editor of Barron’s, has an excellent editorial on Bush’s illegal wiretaps: “Administration lawyers and the president himself have tortured the Constitution and extracted a suspension of the separation of powers.”  “Putting the president above the Congress is an invitation to tyranny. The president has no powers except those specified in the […]

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