A Bushel of Laughs on the Ernie Hancock Radio Show

My old friend Ernie Hancock and I had a rowdy time this morn on his Freedoms Phoenix Radio Show. Ernie kindly asked for a summary of Public Policy Hooligan and I specified that most of the book does not involve people trying to stab me. Ernie asked about the scandal in my old hometown, Front Royal, Virginia. I mentioned that a high-profile in the local massage parlor was proof that unlicensed handjobs lead to anarchy. Ernie taunted me mercilessly for living within 17 miles of downtown Washington but I explained that I had no choice because of the terms of my parole. We talked about the Trump impeachment uproar and agreed on the damn rascality of the Deep State. So many of the people leading this hubbub ascribe to the Vestal Virgin View of Foreign Aid. In reality, U.S. handouts to foreign governments have always corrupted both the U.S. and foreign recipients. The biggest surprise of the show: Ernie revealed he became a libertarian after closely perusing the Omnibus Trade Bill of 1988. I did a few op-eds on that stupid legislation at the time but never expected it to midwife a four-star hellraiser like Ernie.

Here is a link to the 55 minute audio file, which you can also download

Here is a link to the video version which was carefully “viewer optimized” – i.e, it shows Ernie but not me (fine by me). My interview was in Hour Two of the show.


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