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Durham Report Exposes FBI – Video

Smacking down the FBI with the Durham report. Almost as funny as a James Comey “exoneration” press conference. On Radio Rothbard with  RyanMcMaken  and  Tho  Bishop  of  the Mises Institute. You can watch or listen by clicking below – https://mises.org/library/durham-report-exposes-fbi or on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIqgY-IY8cI

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Post Genocide headline Screenshot 2022-04-04 204111

MP3 Bashing Washington War Fever with Jeff Deist on FLA Radio

Mises President Jeff Deist and I had fun today busting the venality and depravity of Washington nowadays, with some extra thrashings thrown in for warmongers on Newstalk Florida.  MP3 at the bottom of this page – There were so many people thought that the end of Trump’s reign would restore faith in the White House […]

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My Tribute to H.L. Mencken – Mises Podcast

Mises Institute President Jeff Deist and I had a rollicking discussion yesterday on H.L. Mencken.  Here’s the summary from the Mises website: “HL Mencken is the writer you need to read immediately. He was savagely brilliant, caustic, and witty, but also prolific across genres in ways almost unthinkable of journalists today. His skill with the […]

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