MP3 Bashing Washington War Fever with Jeff Deist on FLA Radio

Mises President Jeff Deist and I had fun today busting the venality and depravity of Washington nowadays, with some extra thrashings thrown in for warmongers on Newstalk Florida.  MP3 at the bottom of this page –

  • There were so many people thought that the end of Trump’s reign would restore faith in the White House and the federal government.  Hasn’t happened, only a slight shift in who distrusts the feds.
  • We are waiting to see if Biden manages to drag the U.S. into World War Three. I’d rather have nasty tweets.
  • European Union officials were outraged that Hungarian Prime Minister Orban won re-election thanks to mail-in ballots.  But that was the same thing that determined the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Then Biden sought to lock in the changes from the 2020 election processes and insist that anything less is Jim Crow at its worst.  Even the Washington Post is awarding Biden “Pinnochios” for his falsehoods on that score.
  • Congress illustrates our Attention Deficit Democracy. A foreign politician gives a speech and members of Congress are whooping up going to war to aid a foreign nation. No member ran on that  cause at the last election.  It’s been disappointing that more people haven’t had better BS radars on a border dispute between two East European countries.  There have been atrocities on both sides, probably mostly on the Russian side.  But that doesn’t justify U.S. intervention
  • The Russia-Ukraine clash is a battle between two Elective Dictators, both of whom have been heavy-handed and corrupt. There are no angels in this conflict.  The media coverage has swallowed almost any propaganda line that came out of Ukraine.
  • There is a “hold harmless” standard for any Washington pundit who recommends U.S. military intervention.  They are never held liable for the debacles they helped spawn.
  • Jeff mentioned that Biden is suffering from mental deficiencies.  I replied, “It makes you wonder – who is in charge.  Last time Biden did a lengthy press conference, the White House was like firefighters scrambling to correct his wrong statements.”
  • Many members of Congress have been yapping for a No Fly Zone and shooting down Russian planes. Almost all the folks gung-ho for military intervention against Russia have no experience with combat.  It would involve real bullets and real blood.
  • The media today is plastering alleged Russian war crimes on the front page. But it was only a few months ago that the New York Times got hold of a trove of confidential Pentagon data on how U.S. bombings had killed hundreds or thousands of Syrian civilians. There was no sustained outrage over what many foreign countries might have labeled war crimes. But the killings are treated like a paperwork error and the Pentagon gets away with it.
  • Military conflict works out well for Washington foreign policy experts – even when it was their horrible advice that led to conflicts.   The rascals who lied us into the Iraq War in 2003 are still respected.
  • The Biden administration is making no effort to get a cease fire in Ukraine – they seem to want the war to drag on.  Anything the U.S. could do to lower the military tensions and lead to a cease fire would be a blessing for both sides.
  • Jeff said that if the West keeps labeling Putin a war criminal, we don’t give Putin any exit and the area is destabilized.  I replied, George W. Bush stayed in power after U.S. atrocities in Iraq  – LBJ stayed in power – Nixon stayed in power despite Vietnam atrocities, and the world kept going.
  • You can listen or download the 22 minute interview by clicking here

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