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Hat Tip to VEIP Vanquisher Bryan Baucom

My friend, anarchist philosopher Bryan Baucom, helped my ol’ Ford Contour finally comply with Maryland’s Vehicle Inspection Emission Program.  VEIP is one of the most confounding and pointless regulations facing drivers in Maryland and other states under EPA decrees.  Its mandatory emission testing regime relies on the Onboard Diagnostic  system in car dashboards. Regulators presume […]

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FFF: Red-Green Delusions on Soviet Bloc History

Red-Green Delusions on Soviet-Bloc History by James Bovard February 28, 2018 The New York Times is running a series of “Red Century” articles extolling some of the virtues of communism on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Last August, the Times showcased a Yale University lecturer rhapsodizing about the Soviets’ environmental record in a […]

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Governments are Biggest Environmental Wreckers

  Hundreds of thousands of people marched in New York City yesterday to protest climate change. Many protestors carried signs denouncing capitalism for “killing the planet.”  Similar claims were made in the 1980s – and they inspired me to snoop behind the Iron Curtain to document the environmental ravages of East Bloc socialism.  Those regimes […]

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