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Recent Bovard Freedom Quote JPEGs

Here’s a round-up of some JPEGS with my quotes from the last year or so.  Thanks to everyone who made these images – including Bryan Baucom, Tony Smith, Bob Smilie, Natalie Fawn Danelishen, Frank Monaco, Libquotes.com, and the various Internet quote sites.  If you made one of these quote Jpegs and I neglected to include […]

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Video Montage of My 2018 Quotes

Here are some zippety lines from my 2018 articles in USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Hill, and elsewhere.  The video includes whacks on the FBI, TSA, John McCain, James Comey, Karl Marx, GHW Bush, Robert Mueller, secrecy, govt. lying, Twitter, elections, etc. Thanks to Natalie Fawn Danelishen, Bryan Baucom, Mike Maharrey, and Frank Monaco […]

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Video of My Top 20 Quotes (According to QuoteFancy)

Quotefancy kindly compiled 20 of my quotes into a video. A friend said the soundtrack reminded her of 1950s “easy listening” music for Wyoming. I suggested that Telemann’s Tafelmusik might have worked better – but not as apt as Alice Cooper’s “Elected.” What other suggestions do folks have for music on this? Twitter’s “Right SideOf […]

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