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Walter Williams, R.I.P.

Rest in Peace, Professor Walter Williams. Walter brought a personal toughness honed as a Philly cab driver to fighting for freedom for more than 40 years. He did not flinch when he was vilified for taking unpopular positions. Instead, he kept smiling and explaining and helped legions of folks recognize the folly of trusting government […]

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Bill Swarm, R.I.P.

Bill Swarm, one of my favorite hikers, passed away in a drowning accident on Thursday at Virginia Beach. For the last five years, I’ve had the pleasure of hiking with Bill and his wife, Gerri, in Meetup groups where everyone appreciated Bill’s exuberance and his keen insights on so many aspects of life. Bill described […]

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Mike McNulty, Waco Hero, R.I.P.

One of the heroes of the Waco fights of the 1990s has passed away.  Mike McNulty did more than any other single person to doggedly pursue the truth about Waco.  And he produced or co-produced a number of superb films that vividly and compelling explained why the feds were lying about the carnage they unleashed […]

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Gordon Tullock, R.I.P.

Economist Gordon Tullock died yesterday at the age of 92. I met him when I occasionally sat in on seminars at the Public Choice Center at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg in 1978. That Center offered a fresh perspective that explained why government interventions go awry and why government itself is often the most powerful special […]

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Radio Host Bob Grant, R.I.P.

Bob Grant, one of the most controversial talk show hosts of the modern era, died yesterday at age 84.   He paved the way for later conservative hosts who thrived by inflaming listening audiences. He was a friendly and helpful host when I appeared on his show a handful of times in the 1980s and 1990s.  After Feeling […]

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