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The Tariff and the Civil War – New Study by Michael Griffith

Michael Griffith has just posted an excellent analysis and survey of the role of tariff conflicts in paving the path to the American Civil War: The Tariff and Secession: Statements on the Tariff as a Major Factor in Sectional Strife and Southern Secession http://www.mtgriffith.com/web_documents/tariffandsecession.htm : Northern and Southern leaders began arguing over the tariff almost as […]

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Will Congressional Republicans Ever Be Worth A Damn For Freedom?

The American Conservative posted online today my review of Jim Antle’s zippety new book, Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped?.  Antle recognizes the peril of Leviathan and is fairly optimistic on what Republicans can become and achieve.  Here are a few of my lines from the review – which is posted in its […]

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