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Bovard photo from 2013 anti-NSA rally in DC

Photos from DC Anti-NSA July 4th Rally

Thomas Drake after his speech The Restore the Fourth organization had a rally at McPherson Square in downtown DC on this July 4th afternoon.   They had several excellent speakers – including the Libertarian Party’s Carla Howell, CEI’s Ryan Radia, Cato’s Julian Sanchez, and Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin.  (Other rallies are occurring across the nation.) […]

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25 Years Ago: U.S. Shot Down Iranian Civilian Jetliner

Today is the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Navy shooting down an Iranian passenger jet.  Following is the writeup on the shootdown from my 2003 book, Terrorism & Tyranny: In the wake of the Iranian arms debacle, the Reagan administration sent the U.S. Navy to patrol the Persian Gulf—in part to reassure Arab nations that the U.S. […]

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Maryland Police Tyranny, Slightly Curbed

from the Future of Freedom Foundation – POLICE TYRANNY, SLIGHTLY CURBED by James Bovard   (posted by FFF June 26, 2013) On the night of March 3, 2010, University of Maryland students spilled out onto a main street in College Park, Maryland, to celebrate a victory by the school’s basketball team. Prince George’s County police had […]

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Bravo! TSA Deluged With Angry Last Minute Comments

Midnight yesterday was the deadline for comments on the TSA’s checkpoint obscenities.   A stampede occurred near closing time and more than 5400 people added their 2 cents to the official forum. Below is my comment (extracted from last week’s Washington Times op-ed).  Looking at this riff with fresh eyes today, I lament that I […]

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Damndest Tweet Ever on a Government Killing

Man Killed During F.B.I. Inquiry Said to Have Been Violent nyti.ms/19rGZuV — The New York Times (@nytimes) May 31, 2013   This is the damndest Twitter headline I ever saw. “Said to have been violent” – who said it? We can’t tell you. Who killed him? It’s a secret. Why did the FBI totally change […]

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forfeiture image wdollars

The Continuing Forfeiture Scourge

From the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s Future of Freedom magazine – THE CONTINUING FORFEITURE SCOURGE by James Bovard A federal crime wave is sweeping the nation, and prosecutors and G-men could not be happier about it. The Wall Street Journal reported that government “forfeiture programs confiscated homes, cars, boats, and cash in more than 15,000 cases [in 2010]. […]

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