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MP3 Podcast of Today’s IRS Interview with WWL’s Garland Robinette

New Orleans’ radio host Garland Robinette and I  had a jolly time kicking around IRS history today on WWL radio. Listening to the traffic report before the show began, I was amused to hear a reference to the “Huey Long Bridge.” Since my Wall Street Journal piece talked about FDR’s targeting of Huey Long, it was […]

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Wall Street Journal Retorts to my IRS article

The Wall Street Journal published a letter today in response to my article, “A Brief History of IRS Political Targeting.” The story generated more than 260 comments online, including plenty of thoughtful observations. Reposted below are a few of the testier comments. Charitable Giving and IRS Abuses: The general outrage over the IRS auditing political […]

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Perfect Artwork for IRS Tea Party Scandal

  The IRS enjoyed using the tax exemption applications from the Tea Party for bureaucratic target shooting. But now the agency is finding itself in the wrong end of the political shooting gallery. [the great illustration is from today’s New York Times]

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Your Tax Dollars at Work and Play

I’m sitting here filling out my IRS Form 1040 and just realized that I’m suffering from a severe deficit of idealism. To rectify that defect, I re-read this op-ed I wrote in 2011…. Washington Times, April 14, 2011 Uncle Sam’s big plans for your hard-earned tax dollars by James Bovard Congratulations – your tax payment […]

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