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“Journalists” and the Fight to Save Freedom of Speech

‘Journalists’ and the Fight to Save Freedom of Speech by James Bovard, April 8, 2024 “What is a journalist?” is a contemporary equivalent of the ancient question, “What is truth?” The U.S. government’s prosecution of Julian Assange hinges on the assertion that he is not a journalist and should be punished like a spy for […]

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The Alarm Bells for Tyranny No Longer Work

When the military occupied D.C. in 2021, I was astounded that people felt comforted by troops and armored vehicles rolling down the streets and by the barbed wire surrounding Capitol Hill.  It seemed like the “alarm bells for tyranny” no longer worked – at least not  for over-educated folks with 2 or 3 Masters’ Degrees. […]

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My Two-Bit Political Awakening

My Two-Bit Political Awakening by James Bovard Samuel Johnson may have been wrong when he declared, “There are few ways in which a man can be more innocently employed than in getting money.” But for young kids, collecting coins is a less pernicious pastime than becoming a pyromaniac or Tik-Tok star. My own experience collecting, […]

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Is College Worthwhile? A Two-Time Dropout’s Take

Is College Worthwhile? A Two-Time Dropout’s Take by James Bovard President Biden is tub-thumping for Congress to create new federal handouts to make college free for the vast majority of students. But as Ryan McMaken and other commentators on mises.org have pointed out, college is vastly overpriced and overrated nowadays. My view on college stems […]

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