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Will TSA Steal Your Face?

Libertarian Institute, December 11, 2022 Will TSA Steal Your Face? by James Bovard The Transportation Security Administration is running a pilot program in which travelers stand in photo kiosks that compare their face with a federal database of photos from passport applications, drivers’ licenses and other sources. TSA promises that its new airport regime, which […]

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TSA’s New Mask Mandate: Typhoid Marys to the Rescue

American Institute for Economic Research, February 8, 2021 TSA’s New Mask Mandate by James Bovard The Transportation Security Administration announced last week that it will be fining travelers up to $1,500 for failing to wear a proper facemask. The TSA could also heavily fine people for wearing a facemask improperly and maybe also for some […]

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TSA Oped Spurs Excellent Comments from USA Today readers

The USA Today piece on TSA’s abusive searches spurred lots of lively comments (and some denunciations). Here are some of the best comments from the web page with the article: Sommer Gentry · Associate professor at United States Naval Academy This article is spot-on. TSA searches are violent, traumatizing, and conducted with heartless disregard for […]

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