LISTEN LIVE ONLINE – Thursday (7/20) 10 am Eastern – I’m on Charles Goyette Show

I will be on the Charles Goyette show at 10 AM Eastern time Thursday (7/20). Charles is now on KFNX, 1100 AM –  available via the dial all over AZ and surrounding turf, and via the Internet all over the world (except West Virginia).  Listen live online here.

We will be discussing the history of Israeli action in Lebanon, keying off my piece on a couple days ago.


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2 Responses to LISTEN LIVE ONLINE – Thursday (7/20) 10 am Eastern – I’m on Charles Goyette Show

  1. George July 20, 2006 at 1:30 pm #

    Jim: Good to hear you on Charles’ radio program, as always. Always informative! 🙂

    People watch what is happening on TV in the Middle East—-be it Israeli action in Lebanon or us in Iraq—-but they take it in all passively on their Lazyboys. It seems most people, unknowingly, treat it as watching a Star Wars movie. They don’t really put it into perspective. They don’t give it any real thought. And they just view explosions and missiles as a firework show—a Star Wars movie.

    Charles made a comment about a Tony Snow comment and the media….The administration and the media talk about how this is not a war….No anything but that! We can call it anything but JUST NOT A WAR!

  2. Jim July 20, 2006 at 1:36 pm #

    Being on with Charles is a hoot – he is so quick. He has excellent setups – and he knows where to direct the chat to shed more light on a topic.

    I am continually surprised at how much BS the White House shovels, and how the vast majority of the media is lapping it up and spreading it around, esp. regarding the Middle East. offers links to articles from Israel, Europe, and elsewhere that provide a much sounder perspective on the ongoing carnage.