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Hate Mail Highlights of 2004

Some folks believe that the current acrimony in American politics is unprecedented. Not so. After Bush Betrayal was published in late summer 2004, I received a torrent of emails from indignant readers via a Palgrave MacMillan blogsite. Happily, most of the commentors did not use a spellchecker. Many  Bush supporters took the time to explain the […]

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Bush Betrayal Epigrams JPEG

Here’s a first take on a JPEG quote page for Bush Betrayal.  This is a work-in-progress, so I welcome suggestions. Other epigrams from that 2004 book are listed below the photo.  Not sure which lines are best to highlight… **UPDATE: I added just below another version of the same quotes  – this one kindly crafted […]

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Why the Tea Party Should Despise George W. Bush

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted online today this article from the September issue of Freedom Daily – (also on Counterpunch) Why the Tea Party Should Despise George W. Bush by James Bovard The Tea Party movement is challenging politicians and political establishments in many parts of this country. Many Tea Party supporters define themselves […]

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Tea Party Pushback: Now I’m a Traitor, Racist, Communist, and Nazi

My Christian Science Monitor op-ed on the Tea Party movement is spurring some uplifting responses. My article concluded, America needs real champions of freedom – not poorly informed Republican accomplices.” A phalanx of Tea Party activists rushed to vindicate their movement and prove me wrong. Following is their rebuttal to the article: Comments from the […]

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How Bush Redefined American Freedom

Posted online today by the Future of Freedom Foundation – from the September issue of Freedom Daily… HOW GEORGE W. BUSH REDEFINED AMERICAN FREEDOM by James Bovard George W. Bush is gone from Washington but his legacy, like an abandoned toxic waste dump, lingers on. Like President Franklin Roosevelt before him, President Bush helped redefine […]

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Other Outrageous Terrorism Prosecutions

I appreciate the thoughtful emails on the Lackawanna Six article. Unfortunately, the proseuction in that case was par for the Bush-era domestic war on terrorism. Here’s a piece from the American Conservative during Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign….. Undue Process American Conservative October 11, 2004 Innocents have been entangled in the Justice Department’s anti-terror dragnet. By […]

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