Where do we Report the Terrorist Cops???

The Los Angeles Police Department has a new video out encouraging people to run squealing to the police practically every time some stranger asks directions to City Hall.

This is part of an orchestrated effort to keep people jumpy and clamoring for government to save them.

But where do we report terrorist cops? Los Angeles cops are responsible for some of the most brazen corruption, wrongful arrests, and unjustified killings in the nation over the last quarter century.

Perhaps as long as the perpetrators don’t wear turbans or Arab headwraps, their homicides are technicalities – and “there is nothing to see here, so move along.”


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2 Responses to Where do we Report the Terrorist Cops???

  1. alpowolf October 21, 2009 at 6:42 pm #

    And I used to think that the saying “1984 is a novel not a how-to manual” was just a joke…yikes that was just plain creepy.

    Yeah, imagine the power of denouncing your neighbors to the Directory. And what is this “let the experts decide” nonsense? Aside from being pathetic, who the hell in government is an expert on anything other than bureaucratic circle jerks?

    Oh, I’ll almost forgot: suspicious smells? I guess I’d better stay away from the chili and beer if I’m in LA, I’ll make “suspicious smells” galore! “I am Fartacus!!!”

  2. Jim October 21, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

    Hard to know what the LAPD would consider a non-suspicious smell….

    This video deserves far more ridicule than it has received so far…