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Playboy Redux: Pork Barrel Prisons (2002)

Last week’s Wall Street Journal piece spurred some comments about how the government needs to do something because of the scant choices facing the vast numbers of people who now have a criminal record. The endless proliferation of new criminal statutes is profoundly harming American society. America needs fewer laws, not more prisons – as […]

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How I Dodged an Iowa Job Trainers Lynch Mob

Okay, that headline is a bit of an overstatement. They were too lethargic to be a lynch mob. But much of that audience would been happy to see a liberal dose of tar and feathers applied to my hide. Following is an excerpt from the “Lambasting the Labor Department” chapter of Public Policy Hooligan. The […]

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Cartoon Perfectly Nails Absurdity of Obama’s License to Kill

This cartoon from the new issue of the New Yorker perfectly nails the absurd presumptions behind Obama’s drone policy. on Twitter @jimbovard FWIW – here’s a piece I did on this topic back in 2011 – The Christian Science Monitor – Assasination nation: Are there any limits on President Obama’s license to kill?As part […]

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