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Nathaniel Hawthorne, Civil War Scoffer

The New York Times’ Disunion series has an excellent essay on Nathaniel Hawthorne by Cynthia Wachtell, author of “War No More: The Antiwar Impulse in American Literature, 1861-1914.” In 1863, Hawthorne wrote to an English friend: “The war-party here do not look upon me as a reliably loyal man, and, in fact, I have been […]

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MP3 of Scott Horton Show – IRS Interview

  Now online – the MP3 of last Thursday’s   Scott Horton Show interview on the Wall Street Journal IRS article.  Here’s Scott’s summary of the show – “Jim Bovard, author of Public Policy Hooligan, discusses the IRS’s targeting of conservative nonprofit groups; a brief history of presidential administrations that used the IRS to combat political opponents; the […]

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Counterpunch: My Supreme Court Fashion Felony

Counterpunch, May 20, 2013 Booted for Laughing at Drug War My Supreme Court Fashion Felony by JAMES BOVARD In March 1995, I visited the sacred burial ground of Americans’ rights and liberties – the Supreme Court. Working on an article for Playboy, I went to watch lawyers argue a case of great principle and tawdry details. […]

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