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Wall Street Journal Publishes Food for Peace Retort

Responding to my piece last week – in tomorrow’s Letters to the Editor in the Wall Street Journal – Food for Peace is an international aid program that has been successful domestically and abroad since its inception in 1954 (“How ‘Food for Peace’ Hurts Foreign Farmers” by James Bovard, op-ed, April 30). It has fed the […]

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Hayek Birthday and 1985 Firing Line Transcript

Friedrich Hayek was born this day in 1899. Hayek had a huge influence on the development of my political thinking. I learned about Hayek’s existence when William F. Buckley spoke at Virginia Tech and touted the Austrian economist’s opposition to the Welfare State. I zipped to the bookstore the next morning and snared Hayek’s 1944 […]

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J.D. Tuccille’s Zesty Subversive Romp – High Desert Barbecue

J.D. Tuccille‘s High Desert Barbecue is a zesty subversive romp through the woods and deserts of northern Arizona. How could anyone not like a feral mountain man in a running battle with the Forest Service? After inept Forest Service rangers ignite a huge fire when burning down the mountain man’s squatter shack, the feds demonize […]

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