MP3 Podcast of Today’s IRS Interview with Jan Mickelson Iowa Radio

who_radio_iowaThe podcast is up from this morning’s interview on the IRS’s long & sordid history with WHO’s Jan Mickelson, Iowa’s top radio host.

The 12-minute interview starts with some audiotapes that Jan found that show great parallels between Nixon’s evasions during Watergate and the Obama administration’s shuffling on the IRS scandal. I pointed out that Nixon’s IRS abuses far exceeded anything we have yet learned about the Obama administration’s practices. And I hope the investigators can get to the bottom of this….

In prior shows, Jan said that I was “nasty” and “surly” so I tried to sound upbeat today. I think Jan was disappointed I eschewed my “junk yard dog” persona.

You can download the MP3 or listen to it by clicking on the following: mickelson-2013-05-31_part


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