Bradley Manning Verdict & WikiLeaks Movie

Bradley Manning got nailed today by a military judge for exposing the truth. The folks who committed war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq have almost all walked scot-free. The folks who made the policies that led to the abuses have never faced federal charges. Dreamworks has a movie on Wikileaks that will be coming out this Fall. This is as good a day as any to view the trailer….

And this is also a good day to revive the WikiLeaks Know-Nothing Pledge poster from Tom Blanton, the mastermind of The Project for a New American Revolution.

Tom has other top notch libertarian-themed political art work at his Flickr page here.

wikileaks pledge tom blanton 5241303625_f34f9137be_z

I have met a number of Washingtonians who have proudly informed me that, because they have a security clearance,  they have avoided reading any of the documents that WikiLeaks disclosed.  They wear their ignorance like a badge of honor.

UPDATE: Tom Blanton notes: “The Wikileaks Pledge manifested itself in Snowden’s case as the Glenn Greenwald Blockade when the military blocked the Guardian website [where Greenwald reported the leaked documents] from their servers.”


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